H10 Raco del Pi - I have not got Invoice from hotel as already paid by business card

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While booking hotel H10 Raco del Pi in Barcelona for my stay from January 12th2012 till January 19th, 2012., I gave the account from my business Mastercard for the amount of Eur 502,98 and got booking no.273167548.

When I finished my stay in Barcelona I asked for a receipt for hotel cost at reception desk of Hotel.As I used business master card I needed a proof what I used it for. I was told they can not do it, the receipt can be issued by Expedia.com, as they made booking and used my card.

I must tell I used booking like this many times before, but I never had such a problem.



Another reason to NOT use Expedia or Orbitz. When you have a problem, you are out of luck. Do your own reservations with the hotel.

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